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Cartoons in English

28 ноября 2023

“Mr. Theo, Cat and Dog”, “The Secrets of Honey Hills”, “I'll get you!” Favorite characters, familiar plots, and learning English in a playful way - cartoons in English have appeared on Kartina.TV.

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For many children, learning a foreign language can be an uninteresting, boring, and tiresome process. However, learning English can be exciting and interesting, especially if you use a playful approach to learning. Combine the fun with the useful: watch English cartoons online, anytime, anywhere. The Soyuzmultfilm video library has added "The Secrets of Honey Hills" and "Nu Pogodi! Holidays!" "New Prostokvashino" and other cartoons in English.

Why is it worth learning English through Soyuzmultfilm cartoons?

  • An excellent opportunity to improve understanding of the English language and develop auditory memory.
  • Children are exposed to authentic language through beloved characters.
  • Cartoons in English develop communication skills by allowing one to learn to use correct phrases and expressions in different situations.
  • Convenient length: English cartoons for children are no longer than 10 minutes in length, making them as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Helps to develop translation skills, as watching cartoons allows children to practice translating dialogue and expressions into their native language.

Cartoons in English are therefore an excellent way to learn the language through play. They will help you and your child improve your understanding of English speech, expand your vocabulary, and learn to use the language in different situations. Don't forget how important it is to make learning English fun and inspiring for children! Using cartoons from the Soyuzmultfilm video library is an excellent way to make this process fun and engaging.

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